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Privacy Policy

  • The website of Ministry of Economic Affairs gathers users' personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of China. No gathering of personal data will be conducted without prior permission and consent from users.|
  • Servers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs website automatically make records of the web pages users browse and the IP addresses through which users access the internet. Such records are references for the improvement of our web content and server systems, and the evaluation of publicity effectiveness. No personal identity is involved and these records will only be used in statistical analysis.|
  • When a user browses the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, our web site will store a cookie (a small indicative text file) into the computer of the user. Such a cookie records the personal settings of the user upon our web pages and contains no information that will identify the user's personally. Servers of the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs can only read the user's browsing behaviors while visiting our website, information on these behaviors on our website shall be stored in the cookie no browsing behavior for other websites shall be stored in the cookie.|
  • This Privacy Statement becomes effective immediately upon the moment of its promulgation. To protect users' privacy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs reserves the right to revise this Privacy Statement in accordance with changes in laws, regulations, and social circumstances, and technology advancement. Once a Privacy Statement revision has been drafted, it shall become effective immediately upon the moment of its promulgation and the previous one no longer in effect.|

Update: 2010-05-13
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