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Business Innovation TDP

Through the leverage effect of government funding, the Business Innovation TDP provides incentives for enterprises to increase industrial R&D investment and develops their innovation potential. It also encourages businesses - in line with the transformation of industrial structure - to adjust development strategies from manufacturing to innovative applications and service-oriented technologies, as well as to engage in developing advanced industrial technologies and strengthening system integration capabilities. Moreover, with resources gained from domestic and international R&D centers established in Taiwan, the Business Innovation TDP is able to help Taiwan build up its R&D capability and innovation momentum for future development.


The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program


In its effort to guide enterprises to invest in developing advanced technologies with higher industrial value and to encourage vertical and cross-domain integrations within industries in order to form a comprehensive eco-system, DoIT launched the “A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program” (also called the A+ Program) in 2014 to replace the “Industrial Technology Development Program”. With this new program, DoIT continues to aid enterprises in engaging R&D activities through sub-programs such as the “Industrial Technology Foresight Research Program”, the “Integrated R&D Program”, the “Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program”, the “Global R&D Innovation Partner Program” or “Special Programs”. It also endeavors to tap industrial demands and develop a comprehensive industrial ecosystem with maximum efficiency.



  • •The Industrial Technology Foresight Research Program

This program, also known as the “Foresight Program”, is designed to encourage domestic enterprises to conduct advanced technology R&D that have a high level of difficulty, with the aim to develop technologies, products and services that can meet market demand within the next three to five years. Through proprietary products, services and advanced manufacturing know-how, this enables Taiwan to become a key player in the world.



  • •The Integrated R&D Program

With the aim to drive the development of a complete industry chain, ecosystem and cluster forming, this program, also called the “Integrated Program”, encourages businesses to form alliances, to engage in vertical/horizontal integration or to pursue R&D integration processes (such as technology R&D, prototype development, beta site testing and field tests).



  • •The Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program

This program aims to encourage domestic enterprises to establish R&D centers and to help build R&D organizations and teams, technology roadmap planning and intellectual property configuration. This program was modified in 2014 to prioritize on “building R&D infrastructure”, i.e. to assist enterprises in establishing sound R&D organizations and research management systems as well as strengthening core technology capability or unique business model, making the R&D center an environment where endless creativity and stable teams are nurtured, and R&D results are effectively managed.



  • •The Global R&D Innovation Partner Program

Guided by Taiwan’s industrial policy, DoIT launched a new industrial policy-oriented program called the “Global R&D Innovation Partner Program”. DoIT reaches out to foreign enterprises, inviting them to conduct R&D in Taiwan along with local companies for mutually beneficial purposes. Their cooperation with local enterprises is expected to foster jointly built ecosystems, and new businesses. It is foreseen that greater value can be created to bring about a win-win outcome.



  • •Special Programs

There are three types of special programs set up to support Fundamental Industrial Technology Development Program, Fast Track for Clinical Trial Program, International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program.

* Fundamental Industrial Technology Development Program

To help private industry break through their technology development bottleneck, this program encourages Taiwan’s enterprises to conduct research to advance key/fundamental industrial technologies that meet the following criteria: (1) applicable across industrial spectrum, (2) high degree of technical challenges, (3) great economic impact, and (4) extensive market potential.

* Fast Track for Clinical Trial Program

This program is designed to encourage enterprises with medical research team to undertake clinical trials that are required when filing application to Health Authority for sale and marketing of a new drug or medical device; ultimately accelerating the rollout of R&D phased results.

* International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program

The goal of this program is to encourage Taiwanese enterprises to adopt a global view in their R&D strategies and to establish international strategic innovation partnerships by participating in international R&D Programs (such as EU Programs). Purposefully, this program aims to strengthen the core competency of Taiwan’s industries by enhancing the R&D capacity through the leveraging of international R&D collaboration. Overall, it is expected to result in creating higher added values, deepening the engagement into global industry value chains, and capturing new international market opportunities.

* Program for Taiwan-Israel Collaboration on Innovation R&D

This program encourages enterprises to internationalize their R&D undertaking by way of pooling Israel’s innovation savvy with Taiwan’s distinctive manufacturing strength. The program’s mission is to boost R&D capability and core competitiveness across various industries, bring about formation of comprehensive supply chains, expand international market potentials, and augment industrial value creation.

* Funding for Participants in EU Research and Innovation Program

This program is designed to encourage enterprises to participate in the EU Research and Innovation Program in order to get a firm grasp on the prevailing innovation R&D trend and the demand for key technologies which may help plan for the deployment of intellectual property and enhance enterprises’ core competitiveness, and explore potential business opportunities in the EU market.

* Taiwan-EU Targeted Open Call Program

The goal of this program is to promote the international R&D collaboration on industrial technologies by encouraging and supporting Taiwanese enterprises to participate in EU Research and Innovation Programs on specific topics. Purposefully, for Taiwan’s Industries, this program aims to strengthen the core competency, by enhancing the R&D capacity through the leveraging of international R&D collaboration, and to stay current with global R&D trends and the development needs of key enabling technologies. Overall, it is expected to result in the deployment of comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and the market access into EU for capturing the emerging opportunities.





The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program provides incentives for enterprises to make investments in developing advanced and risky technologies and making long term R&D plans at an early stage while its predecessor, the original “Industrial TDP” succeeded in encouraging enterprises to accumulate and add value to their intellectual property as well as to cultivate R&D human capital, form spin-off companies or spin-in business units, create innovative products and services while enhancing the enterprises’ competitiveness.

  • * The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program

    Launched in 2014, as of May 31st 2017, the A+ Program has processed 149 projects in the Foresight Program, 142 in the Integrated Program and 105 special projects.

    From 2002 to May 31st 2017, the Program is instrumental in helping to set up 241 innovation R&D centers by domestic companies and 65 R&D centers created by 47 multinational companies. It is estimated that about 1,073 joint research projects were conducted by these innovation R&D centers while inducing investment exceeding NTD 60.3 billion. The program was modified in 2014 to prioritize on “infrastructure”. The new program has received 130 applications as of May 31st 2017.

    Achievement_The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program

  • * Industrial Technology Development Program


    As of May 31st 2017, the original Industrial Technology Development Program has approved 1,079 projects with 1,678 companies participating in implementing the projects. The implementation of these projects induced enterprises to invest over NTD 168.537 billion and involved over 34,000 research manpower.

    In addition, as of 2016, 9,275 patents were filed and 4,159 were granted cumulatively by international and domestic patent offices. On average, every NTD 10 million invested by the government generated 4.24 patent applications with an approval rate at about 44.84%. 43.78% patents were applied to develop new products. These statistics reflect that the program is effective in guiding enterprise management to focus on patent strategy and utilizing R&D output while assisting the industry to upgrade and transform. In addition to patents, the TDPs also generated R&D output such as papers published in journals and theses presented at seminars totaling 3,575 papers. The TDPs also produced over 64,084 research papers, market survey reports and training reports.

    Achievement_Industrial Technology Development Program


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