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Bilingual Glossary

中文 English
處長 Director General
副處長 Deputy Director General
科技專家 Science and Technology Advisors
專門委員 Senior Executive Officer
簡任技正 Senior Specialist
研究員 Researcher
科長 Section Chief
技正 Specialist
技士 Assistant Technical Specialist
專員 Executive Officer
科員 Officer
組員 Officer
辦事員 Clerk
助理 Assistant
技術處 Department of Industrial Technology
科技專家室 Science and Technology Advisors Office
科技管理科 Technology Management and Program Administration Section
科專政策科 Technology Development Policy Section
創新研發科 Innovation, Research and Development Section
電資通光科 Electronics, Information, Communications and Optoelectronics Section
機電運輸科 Machinery and Transportation Section
生醫材化科 Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Material and Chemical Section
科技專案 Technology Development Program, TDP
法人科技專案計畫 TDP for Nonprofit Research Organization
業界科專 Industrial TDP
企業創新研發專案 TDP for Industry
學界科技專案計畫 TDP for Academia
A+企業創新研發淬鍊計畫 A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program
小型企業創新研發計畫 SBIR Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
智慧科技 Smart Technology
綠能科技 Green Energy Technology
製造精進 Smart Manufacturing Technology
民生福祉 Material & Biotechnology
服務創新 Service Innovation
前瞻技術研發計畫 The Industrial Technology Foresight Research Program
整合型研發計畫 The Integrated R&D Program
鼓勵國內企業在臺設立研發中心計畫 The Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program (MNCD)
全球研發創新夥伴計畫 The Global R&D Innovation Partner Program
專案類計畫 Special Programs
工業基礎技術計畫 Fundamental Industrial Technology Development Program
快速審查臨床試驗計畫 Fast Track for Clinical Trial Program
歐盟多邊創新研發成員補助計畫 Funding for Participants in EU Research and Innovation Program
臺以創新研發成員補助計畫 Program for Taiwan-Israel Collaboration on Innovation R&D
產學研價值創造計畫 The Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia
一般型價創計畫 Value creation projects in general
旗艦型技創計畫 Flag-ship type value creation projects
法人科技專案辦公室 TDP for Nonprofit Research Organization Office
A+企業創新專案辦公室 A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program Office
小型企業創新專案計畫辦公室 SBIR Program Office
學界科技專案計畫辦公室 TDP for Academia Office
ITIS推動辦公室 Industry & Technology Intelligence Services (ITIS) Project Office
臺灣創新快製媒合中心 Taiwan Rapid Innovation Prototyping League for Entrepreneurs
中台灣創新園區 Central Taiwan Innovation Campus
紡織產業綜合研究所雲林分部 Taiwan Textile Research Institute – Yunlin Branch
苗栗產業創新推動中心 Miaoli Industry Innovation Promotion Center
嘉義產業創新研發中心 Chiayi Industry Innovation and Research Center
南台灣創新園區 Southern Taiwan Innovation and Research Park
東部產業技術服務中心 Eastern Taiwan Industrial Technology Service Center
東部深層海水創新研發中心 Eastern Taiwan Deep Sea Water Innovation and Research Center
經濟部科技專案績效考評委員會 Evaluation Committee on TDP Performance
經濟部科技顧問室設置條例 MOEA S&T Advisors Office Establishment Act
經濟部推動研究機構進行產業創新及研究發展補助辦法 MOEA Regulations Governing Subsidies for Research and Development and Promotion of Research Institutes in Pursuing Industrial Innovations in Taiwan
促進企業開發產業技術辦法 Incentive Schemes for Enterprises to Develop Industrial Technologies, MOEA
學界開發產業技術計畫執行要點 Implementation Guidelines for the Academic TDP
科專研發經費投入 TDP Expenditure
專利申請(件數) Patent Applied (cases)
專利授權 Patent Licensing
國內專利獲得(件數) R.O.C. Patent Granted (cases)
國外專利獲得(件數) Overseas Patent Granted (cases)
專利應用(件數) Patent Utilized (cases)
國內論文(篇數) R.O.C. Technical Paper (articles)
國外論文(篇數) Overseas Technical Paper (articles)
研究報告(篇數) Technical Reports (articles)
技術引進(項數) Technology Transfer-in (cases)
技術移轉(件數) Technology Transfer (cases)
授權金 Authorization Fee
權利金 Royalty
產學研合作 (件數) Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation (cases)
分包研究(項數) Outsource Research (cases)
委託案及工業服務(件數) Contracts and Industrial Services (cases)
促成廠商投資(件數) Business Investment (cases)
研討會(場次) Technical Conferences (numbers)
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