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Business Innovation TDP

This program is partially subsidized by the government to attract businesses to invest in the research and development of innovative technologies, and to strengthen their abilities in its applications. The program also encourages businesses to redirect their aims from production to the application of innovative technologies and services against the backdrop of a changing industrial structure, and to devote themselves to forward-looking research and technology development and system integration. By establishing new R&D centers, we aim to encourage future industrial innovations.


A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program

In 2014, DoIT kick-started the A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program (the A+ Program) as a continuation of the Industrial Technology Development Program (ITDP). The aim of the A+ Program is to encourage and guide businesses to invest in high value-adding cutting-edge industrial technologies and to facilitate the multidisciplinary integration, thus perfecting Taiwan’s industrial development. As a continuation of the ITDP, we continue to provide subsidies to businesses to help them get involved in innovation, development, and research programs; and to encourage them to establish onshore R&D centers, develop global R&D partnerships, and initiate similar programs, hoping that our industries will have a greater impact on the world.


  • •Industrial Technology Foresight Research Program

The aim is to guide businesses to conduct challenging, forward-looking research programs, and in the next 3 to 5 years meet market demands for technologies, products, and services, helping Taiwan become an influential key player in original products, services, and advanced manufacturing.


  • •Integrated R&D Program

The aim is to guide businesses to form coalitions, strengthen vertical and horizontal integration, and create a more holistic R&D SOP. Some of our tasks include the technology development, prototype development, β site verification, and on-site operations, into which we integrate different systems and establish a systematic industrial chain, in the hope of sparking the development of entire industrial chains and the formation of industrial clusters.


  • •Industrial Technology Innovation Center Program

The purpose of the program is to create infrastructures for enterprises to engage in innovation, R&D, as well as R&D foundation and systems building. The program helps businesses set up R&D organizations or teams, develop short-term, middle-term, and long-term technology roadmaps, manage R&D results, and cultivate strong core R&D teams in the expectation that the centers will become incubators for creativity and support businesses in growing their R&D capacities.


  • •Global R&D Innovation Partner Program

This program follows the government’s industrial policy, studies what is lacking or required technologically in key industries, and then invites foreign enterprises that are mutually complimentary to local ones to engage in innovation and R&D in Taiwan. Through this type of cooperation, the program aims to improve Taiwan’s industrial ecosystem and encourage international cooperation in innovation as well as R&D. The results of these efforts will eventually benefit areas that add value at a deeper level, such as startups and production, creating a win-win situation for both foreign and domestic enterprises.


  • •Special Programs

* Fundamental Industrial Technology Development Program

The goal of this program is to help businesses overcome technology development bottlenecks. It encourages local enterprises to conduct research to advance key fundamental industrial technologies that are challenging and applicable to all businesses in the industry, having a major economic impact and extensive market potential.

* International Innovation and R&D Collaboration Program

This program encourages local businesses to adopt a global view in establishing international strategic innovation partnerships and participating in international R&D programs. The program aims to strengthen the R&D capacity and core competencies of various industries by leveraging international R&D collaborations to globalize technology R&D. It is expected to drive the development of the entire industrial chain, create added value, and expand the industry’s international market and business opportunities.

* Program for Taiwan-Israel Collaboration on Innovation R&D

This program encourages enterprises to internationalize their R&D undertaking by way of pooling Israel’s innovation savvy with Taiwan’s distinctive manufacturing strength. The program’s mission is to boost R&D capability and core competitiveness across various industries, bring about formation of comprehensive supply chains, expand international market potentials, and augment industrial value creation.

* Funding for Participants in EU Research and Innovation Program

This program is designed to encourage enterprises to participate in the EU Research and Innovation Program in order to get a firm grasp on the prevailing innovation R&D trend and the demand for key technologies which may help plan for the deployment of intellectual property and enhance enterprises’ core competitiveness, and explore potential business opportunities in the EU market.

* Taiwan-EU Targeted Open Call Program

The goal of this program is to promote the international R&D collaboration on industrial technologies by encouraging and supporting Taiwanese enterprises to participate in EU Research and Innovation Programs on specific topics. Purposefully, for Taiwan’s Industries, this program aims to strengthen the core competency, by enhancing the R&D capacity through the leveraging of international R&D collaboration, and to stay current with global R&D trends and the development needs of key enabling technologies. Overall, it is expected to result in the deployment of comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and the market access into EU for capturing the emerging opportunities.


* Fast Track Clinical Trial Program

This program encourages businesses with medical research teams to undertake clinical trials for new drugs or medical equipment. Trials are required for review and registration when applying to the authority concerned for approval to sell the product. The goal of the program is to accelerate commercialization of medical R&D results.



The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program provides incentives for enterprises to make investments in developing advanced and risky technologies and making long term R&D plans at an early stage while its predecessor, the original “Industrial TDP” succeeded in encouraging enterprises to accumulate and add value to their intellectual property as well as to cultivate R&D human capital, form spin-off companies or spin-in business units, create innovative products and services while enhancing the enterprises’ competitiveness.

  • * The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program  


    Achievement_The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program

  • * Industrial Technology Development Program


    Achievement_Industrial Technology Development Program


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