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Our Mission
In 1979, in order to encourage technological innovations, achieve breakthroughs in industrial technologies, and increase Taiwan’s competitiveness, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) established the Science and Technology Advisors’ Office in accordance with the Science and Technology Development Plan. Later, in 1993, under the stipulations of Article 21 of the Organization Law enacted by the MOEA, the Office was restructured to become today’s Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT). DoIT is dedicated to the implementation of Technology Development Programs (TDPs) by integrating the expertise of think tanks, industries, and Taiwan’s academic sectors to develop key innovative, multidisciplinary industrial technologies. It is also our aim to facilitate communications among the private, academic, and research sectors, and with the concerted efforts of the three sectors, to improve industrial technologies, apply new technologies in different fields, and accelerate the industrial upgrading and value creation.
Technology Development Program
R&D Organization TDP
Business Innovation TDP
Academia TDP
Major Reserch Institutes Partners of DoIT
Industrial Technology Research Intsitute (ITRI)
The Industrial Research Technology Institute (ITRI), one of the world’s leading R&D institutes, has been pioneering Taiwan’s industrial development since its founding in 1973. Individual labs at ITRI are focused on information and communications, electronics and optoelectronics, basic and advanced materials, chemicals and nanotechnology, biomedical technology and medical devices, mechanical and systems, and green energy and the environment. Through multi-disciplinary integration of technological innovation and an emphasis on software, systems and services, ITRI remains focused on the development of next generation technologies.
Institute for Information Industry (III)
Founded in 1979, the Institute for Information Industry, (III) is focused on developing key ICT technologies across various domains, including 5G, IoT, Big Data and Information Security. As a think-tank and adviser, III helps Taiwan’s government develop and promote its information industry. III also encourages the promotion of emerging industries in digital content, entrepreneurship, and Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry.
Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)
The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)’s objective is to advance Taiwan’s biopharmaceutical industry. DCB works with government, industry and academia to develop the nation’s scientific infrastructure, key technologies, and talent. DCB conducts R&D in pharmaceuticals, botanicals, biologics, animal pharmacology as well as innovative and explorative preclinical-stage research. One of DCB’s key roles is to set priorities for attaining investigational new drug approvals by domestic and foreign regulatory agencies. New drug development is focused on cancer, diabetes, infectious, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases.
Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI)
The Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI), established in 1965, is the most comprehensive food research institute in Taiwan. Charged with establishing and maintaining Taiwan’s food industry development policy, FIRDI develops new products and technology, works to improve the sanitation and quality of processed foods, and disseminates food...
Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)
The Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) focuses on all aspects of the development of key textile materials. These include home textiles, high value-added technical textiles, environmentally-friendly and energy saving textile technologies, functional apparel, as well as textile testing and certification. TTRI aims to become one of the world’s leading textile research institutes.
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)
The Metal Industries Research Development Centre (MIRDC) maintains an integrative, interdisciplinary research approach, focusing on five major industries: Metal Forming, Automotive, Mold & Precision Machining, Medical Device Technology and Healthcare, and other high value-added equipment. MIRDC aims to be one of the world’s leading research institutes in metal technology.
Open New Window for Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC)
The Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) is Taiwan’s pioneer of vehicle technical innovation and knowledge services. In addition to assisting the government in creating and managing vehicle regulations and standards, ARTC conducts research and development on automotive related technology, and implements an internationally recognized testing and certification service. Backed by a large number of laboratories, ARTC is able to provide one-stop services, from R&D and design to manufacturing and certifications, helping Taiwan-made components compete in the global market, while fostering the development of a domestic automotive industry.
Open New Window for Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC)
The Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC), originally served as a ship designer and technical consultant, has performed and completed many projects and assignments for government and private agencies. The major functions of SOIC include R&D, ship design and technical services R&D projects that are applied to the development of naval architecture and marine technology under the support of the government. SOIC has endeavored in the innovation of ship technologies to upgrade and promote marine vessel and other related industries.