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The MOEA has developed Fan-out Panel Level Package (FOPLP) technology, assisting panel production lines in transitioning to semiconductor packaging. Innolux Corporation has officially launched a new production line, marking its entry into the semiconductor industry.
Organization: Department of Industrial Technology        Publish Date: 2023-10-27 15:30
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The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innolux, Panjit, Manz, and ITRI announced the value of "Fan-out Panel Level Package (FOPLP)" technology, which can activate the existing old-generation production lines of panel factories and transform them into high value-added semiconductor packaging production lines. and has cost advantages.

General Director Chiou Chyou-Huey of the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, noting that while older-generation panel factories continue to innovate, the panel production line is effectively bridging the gap in semiconductor packaging capabilities with the cost advantage. Since 2017, the government invested NT$1.7 billion to develop the core technology of "panel-level fan-out packaging", and support panel factories to solve key problems through the A+ program, such as reducing substrate warpage, and large-area high-uniformity electroplating technology to help manufacturers accelerate mass production. It is estimated that it can create more than NT$100 billion in the future annually.

Yang Chu-Hsiang, General Manager and COO of Innolux Corporation, stated that with the support of the MOEA's A+ Program, Innolux successfully entered the field of advanced semiconductor packaging. They created the world's first FOPLP packaging application line that uses panel production lines for IC packaging. This approach leverages the square-shaped area, which offers higher utilization compared to round wafer substrates, achieving up to 95% utilization. They developed high-end semiconductor packaging with fine wire width on G3.5 FOPLP glass substrates, which is seven times the size of a 12-inch glass wafer. Innolux and ITRI worked together to reduce panel warping and minimize the loss in the packaging process, offering technical advantages such as accommodating more I/Os, smaller size, enhanced performance, and reduced power consumption.

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