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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

Strengthen support for start-ups and SMEs

Support for start-ups and SMEs

There were about 1.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan in 2018, accounting for over 97% of all enterprises. Hence, SMEs play a very significant role in promoting Taiwan's economic development and employment. As the world is moving towards the era of digital economy and smart manufacturing, the SMESA will continue actively fostering startups and assisting SMEs to upgrade and transform, so that SMEs will remain as the foundation of Taiwan's economic development.

1.Policy Objectives: To tie in with the "5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan", "New Southbound Policy", "Regional Revitalization Policy", and other national policies, SMESA stimulate the upgrading, transformation, and innovation of SMEs through creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem, revitalizing the local economy, developing technology applications, and strengthening innovative capacity.

2.Strategy Plan Promote the welfare of local small enterprises:stimulate the economy of the commerce districts, create well-being livings for rural and urban areas, promote balanced development within regions, constructs innovation of small and medium-sized services with the upgrading of relevant engines, and drive transformations of the related services.
(1)Promote sustainable operations of enterprises: SMESA provides diverse learning resources and tailor-made counseling to encourage enterprises innovation and sandbox experiments. It also strengthens knowledge and skills which enterprises may need in different operational phases, promotes successions of enterprises, and assists relative upgrading and transformation.
(2)Enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem: provide an integrated platform for basic services, construct an international entrepreneurial cluster, guide the enterprises' resources for business-matching and counseling, assist start-ups to show new values, and promote the characteristic development and transformation of incubator centers as well as social innovation.
(3)Boost sound development of SMEs' financing: support sound SMEs financing system, strengthen relevant financial conditions and facilitate SMEs' capital formation, in order to obtain the necessary funding for operations.
(4)Strengthen international connection and cooperation: SMESA assists SMEs to elevate their capacities of international expansion through APEC platform. In addition, focusing on the New Southern Bound market, we develop alliances of different business opportunities, and jointly develop new products as well as services. The aforementioned objectives are also supplemented by the localized turnkey solutions of business modes export so as to help SMEs strengthen linkage with the international markets.
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