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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.




Traffic Transportation

Station Bus Lines
Fuzhou St. 5
Chaozhou St. Entrance 15
Taipei Water Dept. West District Business Office(Guling) 1、204
TCUH, Branch of Women and Children 1 18、38、235、295、662、663
Ningpo and Chongqing Intersection 227, 262, 262Shuttle, 304Chengde, 304Chongqing N.
Heping W. Rd. Sec. 1 214, 214Express, 907, Heping Main Line, BL28, NH2, NH3
Ziqiang Market 670
Xiamen St. Entrance 671, 673, BR22


MRT Line MRT Station
Tamsui-Xinyi Line Chiang KaiKai-Shek Memorial Hall Station
Songshan-Xindian Line Chiang KaiKai-Shek Memorial Hall Station; Guting Station