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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

About MOEA

E-Mark Concept


The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ logo, pictured above, is called the “E-Mark.”
The stylized logo contains the letters “EC,” the first two letters of the word “economy.”
The simple and straightforward design symbolizes economic development that is modern and international in nature.
The logo is slightly inclined to the right, creating a sense of steady forward movement that symbolizes the stable and rapid growth of the nation’s economic strength.
The logo is made up of two clear and distinct colors. The red represents the dynamism, vitality and devotion of the MOEA in serving the public, while the blue symbolizes the principles of practicality, stability and trustworthiness to which the MOEA adheres in carrying out its professional duties.
The logo was issued by the Central Bureau of Standards on Nov. 9, 1982, (registration certificate No. 00066471, form No. 643591).