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2023-07-13 16:15
Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C Leads Taiwanese Franchise Industry to Penetrate into Thai Market

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10 Taiwanese franchise brands participate in the Thailand Franchise Business Opportunities Exhibition.
From July 13 to 16, the Department of Commerce, MOEA leads 10 Taiwanese franchise brands to participate in the "Thailand Franchise Business Opportunities". The aim is to enhance the global visibility, support the expansion into the Thai market, and grasp overseas business opportunities for franchise industry.

According to official data released in May this year, Thailand's GDP grew by 2.7% year-on-year in the first quarter. The growth was driven by a rebound in private consumption and the recovery of the tourism industry, outperforming the 1.4% growth recorded in the fourth quarter of 2022. The franchise business model has gained significant popularity in Thailand over the past few years. Currently, Thailand were nearly 160 international franchise brands with over 14,000 stores.

The Department of Commerce, MOEA stated that there was a vibrant response from businesses in registering for the event. Ultimately, 10 notable franchise brands have stood out, which are CHATIME, COCO, DONT YELL AT ME, DUAN CHUN ZHEN, HAIRING, MR. WISH, PRESOTEA, SHARETEA, SPICY QUEEN and TRUEDAN, and their business cover a diverse range of offerings including hand-shaken drinks, Taiwanese cuisine, and hair care. It is believed that the high-quality goods and services from Taiwan will definitely capture the attention of Thai consumers while becoming a brightening spot on the international stage.

To facilitate interactions and partnership opportunities between Taiwan and Thailand, the Department of Commerce, MOEA has organized the "2023 Taiwan-Thailand Franchise Biz Matchmaking" at Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok on July 12th.The event attracted 19 prospective buyers, resulting in 45 successful negotiations. During the matchmaking event, a total of 7 Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were signed.

The "Thailand Franchise Business Opportunities" Exhibition will be available from July 13 to 16 2023. Continuing the momentum of the "2023 Taiwan-Thailand Franchise Biz Matchmaking", the trade show is expected to further foster collaboration among enterprises, and provide opportunities for Taiwanese franchise brands to expand their business in Thailand.

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