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2023-08-09 17:15
Department of Investment Services

Taiwan-US Collaboration to seize the business opportunities in Satellite communications

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Taiwan-US Collaboration to seize the business opportunities in Satellite communications
According to the US Satellite Industry Association (SIA), the global aerospace market is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2040. Taiwan, home to companies with full capabilities in SATCOM ground equipment sector, is also seeking to break into the global SATCOM supply chain. The hope is to co-create higher value-added products and services by collaborating with international companies that possess complementary skillsets.

The DOIS partnered with the Economic Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles to organize the US-Taiwan Advanced Communication Forum on August 9 (0800 Taipei Time, 1700 Los Angeles Time the day before). The forum was held globally online and on-site in Los Angeles. Satoro Space CEO Mark Lu and venture partner of Infinio Capital Dr. Shanti Rao were invited to share the latest industry and technology trends in satellite communications, for both Taiwan and the global market. Industry leaders from Taiwan such as Qisda, RapidTek, and Taiwan Aerospace Corporation were also invited to share their experience with international collaborations and market strategies in satellite communications.

InvesTaiwan CEO Emile M. P. Chang mentioned in his remarks that aerospace technology has been developing in Taiwan for three decades. The global satellite market size reached US$280.8 billion in 2022 and the ground equipment sector accounted for over half. The hope is that through online and in-person exchanges between Taiwan and the US, we can accelerate Taiwan companies to enter the US satellite supply chain. Through collaboration, we seek to mutually enhance our competitiveness and facilitate US investments in Taiwan`s satellite industry.

At the same time, Executive Director Darren Eng of the Los Angeles Venture Association affirmed Taiwan`s robust ICT and semiconductor industry, as well as our critical role within the global supply chain. He expressed confidence in Taiwan`s future capacity as the US`s best partner of the SATCOM industry.

The hybrid forum was well-received by participating businesses. In addition to Taiwan industry leaders such as Universal Microwave Technology (UMT) and INTAI, the forum was also attended by US satellite and ground equipment companies included Carbon Mapper, Gemini Technology, HStar Space Transport and Mandala Space Ventures.

The participants contributed to a strong impression of the industry environment and investment incentives in Taiwan, subsequently enhancing the inclination of US businesses to invest in Taiwan. The forum also bolstered capabilities and collaboration between the Taiwan and US in the field of satellite communication ground equipment, which will further motivate US businesses to evaluate potential investments in Taiwan.

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