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2023-08-21 15:49
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Promoting low-carbon applications in the plastic and rubber industry, Visit to Carbon Reduction Benchmarking Enterprises on 6/27

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The guests at the event took a group photo together, and the event ended successfully
In order to enhance the plastic and rubber industry's awareness of low-carbon transition issues, and strengthen practical application exchanges, The event of " Visiting the Carbon Reduction Benchmarking Enterprise " was held on June 27 and the host of this visiting and practices exchanges was carbon reduction benchmark
Jiquan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd..

Li Jiafeng, Division Director of Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, was invited to this event. Ms. Li was looking forward to more successful cases of domestic benchmark enterprises and encouraged all the participants to exchange the best practices and achieve the goal of carbon reduction initiative.

Zhan Jingzhong, Chairman of Jiquan Company opened the factory area, mobilized internal working partners, and provided the platform for dynamic discussion and practical experience sharing on the spot.

In 2023 IDB entrusted PIDC to promote the low-carbon alliance of plastic products and focus on This on consumer container industry.

Qiu Zhengwen, Deputy General Manager of PIDC elaborated that IDB provides relevant resources to motivate the domestic industry to engage in more low carbon reduction capability and invest more resources to energy saving processing machinery and technologies in compliance with green global supply chain.

Jiquan Company is an important partner of global supply chain, international well-known brands, such as, Unilever of the United States, Shiba of Germany, Kose and Shiseido of Japan. Since 2015, Jiquan Co. has focused on green and clean packaging materials, and cooperated with well-known domestic distributors, such as, Taiwan Salt, Carrefour, etc.. and was the first company to invest in Tritan plastic materials to produce tableware and food utensils in Taiwan. Now, Jiquan Co. has joint RE10*10 Enterprise Green Power Intiative to actively promote various carbon reduction measures.

Jiquan Company shared the strategy of low-carbon transformation at this event. For example, the company has set up solar power generation system to reduce 63 tons carbon emissions per year. Since 2015 the company has gradually upgraded the traditional hydraulic injection machine to all-electric injection molding machine, reducing 0.45 times of the original power consumption and has saved 56.5% of total electricity.

PIDC will constantly facilitate the plastic products industry in various carbon reduction and energy activities, introduce state of the art low-carbon cycle process technology to the industry, connect with global and domestic supply chains and enhance the competitiveness and cooperation opportunities of the domestic industry in the international market.
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