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2023-07-21 14:25
Taiwan Power Company

Taipower Wins 2023 Taiwan Sustainable Development Gold Award for Solar Energy Storage Achievement Showcased at WTC Exhibition Hall Come Enjoy Taipower Popsicles

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Taipower Wins 2023 Taiwan Sustainable Development Gold Award for Solar Energy Storage
The 2023 SDGs Asia Expo opened today (July 21, 2023) at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. The Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards ceremony was held concurrently. Among nearly 200 domestic contestants and over 300 entries total, Taipower won the Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards - Gold Award for its pioneering "Solar Power Storage System" project. Taipower will also be participating in the Expo, which is open to the public free-of-charge for the next 3 days, and will be showcasing an exhibition with a focus on sustainable governance. The Taipower exhibition booth features two giant wind turbine photo spots and a Taipower popsicle popup event. Completing a small game at the event also allows visitors to take home a limited-edition Taipower Kuai Kuai snack!
The 2023 SDGs Asia Expo and Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards were held this morning at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. Taipower Vice President Tsao-Hua Hsu accepted the award on behalf of the company, sharing the honor with E.SUN Bank. They jointly received the Gold Award for United Nations SDG category 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy (providing affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy). This marks the third consecutive year of receiving this award since its inception. The Taiwan Sustainable Action Awards, which have been organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy since 2021, aim to recognize enterprises and government organizations that have achieved outstanding results and contributions in the three dimensions of environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and economic development in line with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Taipower noted that with the advent of the green energy era, solar power is providing strong support during the day, surpassing 6 million kilowatts and reaching a new record of over 7.07 million kilowatts this month. Combined with wind power, green energy accounts for over 20% of peak-hour generation. To maximize green energy benefits, Taipower integrates 200 million kWh of annual green energy and over 100,000 metric tons of carbon reduction from the Tainan Salt Field Solar PV Farm. The Company has established a 20 MW (20,000 kWh) energy storage system, which is capable of powering 40,000 households for one hour, thus creating Taiwan's first integrated "Solar Power Storage System" facility.
Taipower explained that the Tainan energy storage system possesses rapid charging and discharging capabilities, which aid in regulating the integration of solar power into the grid and maintaining grid stability. Additionally, it efficiently stores excess daytime solar energy, which can then be redistributed for nighttime or emergency usage. Its response speed exceeds that of traditional power generation units by a factor of over one thousand.
Taipower announced that the 2023 SDGs Asia Expo will be held at World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from today until June 23rd (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily). With the theme "Sustainable Action, Zero Emission", Taipower will showcase its achievements, including the award-winning Tainan solar energy storage system, the "Avian Power Plant" initiative that transformed Kaohsiung's Yongan Wetlands, and the restoration of the historical Jinguashi Shinto Shrine, which uses AR technology to depict a century of history.
Taipower shared that apart from the diverse exhibition content, the Company's booth features two 4-meter-tall windmill backgrounds for great photo ops. Daily popup events will also be held, where visitors can check in to enjoy limited edition Taipower ice cream bars. By completing a fun interactive game, there's even a chance to take home an adorable limited-edition Taipower Kuai Kuai snack. Visitors are encouraged to attend the exhibition soon!

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