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Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C.

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2023-08-28 09:30
Department of Industrial Technology

Elevating Innovation to the Pinnacle of Excellence: Crafting a Remarkable Taiwan The 6th Presidential Innovation Award is open for entries from industry, government, academic, and research sectors

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Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua, presents President Tsai with the 5th Presidential Innovation Award Report.
On July 12, 2023, the first committee meeting for the 6th Presidential Innovation Award was convened by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. President Tsai graced the event and bestowed appointment letters upon the committee members. Distinguished heads of co-organizing agencies and ministries, including the National Development Council, National Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, attended the meeting. This award is held biennially and features four categories: Technology R&D, Cultural Creative Value Added, Service Innovation, and Talent Cultivation. Submissions are welcomed from organizations and individuals across the industry, government, academic, and research sectors. To encourage youth engagement in innovation, one award is specifically earmarked for individuals under the age of 40. With 2 recipients in the group award category, 2 in the individual award category, and 1 in the youth award category, the sum total of awardees amounts to five. In the past five editions, 21 outstanding winners have been recognized, covering industries such as technology, the cultural and creative sector, online education, healthcare, finance, water management, talent training, and more. The sixth Presidential Innovation Award is now open for submissions, calling on all sectors to contribute their groundbreaking innovations.