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2023-08-30 09:47
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

Net-Zero Emissions On the Go! Taisugar to Widely Deploy Charging Stations With Over 100 Installed by 2025

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Net-Zero Emissions On the Go! aisugar to Widely Deploy Charging Stations With Over 100 Installed by 2025
The electrification and decarbonization of transportation vehicles have been identified as key strategies towards achieving net-zero emissions. In response to Taiwan's net-zero emissions goals, the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) is actively collaborating with industry partners to establish EV charging stations, assisting in building the foundational infrastructure for the electrification of road transport. Currently, Taisugar has completed the installation of 41 charging stations in its facilities nationwide, with more to come; the company has set the goal of installing 106 charging stations by 2025. Taisugar hopes to promote the increased adoption of EVs through this initiative to achieve the goal of sustainable environment and net-zero emissions.

Taisugar has installed charging stations at its various establishments, including TSC gas stations, Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan), Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, and Taisugar Hotel Taipei. Charging stations are also being planned for various tourist and recreational spots. Taisugar has stated that the charging locations will cover 10 cities and counties, including Taipei, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Taitung, and Hualien, to enhance the convenience of charging for the public.

In addition to charging stations for electric cars, some of Taisugar's gas station locations have also set up electric scooter battery exchange stations, which is aimed at enhancing and encouraging the public to form the habit of using low-carbon or zero-carbon modes of transportation, with the goal of accelerating Taiwan's timeline to achieving net-zero emissions through a lifestyle change.

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