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2023-11-06 15:32
Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The electronic information industry jointly formulates a comprehensive net-zero new blueprint, in collaboration with domestic and international industry leaders to establish sustainable supply chain.

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The electronic information industry jointly formulates a comprehensive net-zero new blueprint
In global pushing for net-zero carbon emissions, and expediting the transformation and upgrade of the domestic electronics information industry, the Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs hosted the "2023 Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation and Innovation Forum" on October 24th at Hua Nan Bank's International Convention Center.
This forum has invited nearly 30 renown supply chain partners, including Cisco, DELL, HP, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Compal, GIGABYTE, PEGATRON and Foxconn. In collaboration with four major industry associations, TEEMA, TPSA, TPCA, and TSIA, they're jointly leading the development of a net-zero industrial ecosystem in Taiwan to enhance corporate competitiveness.
Taiwan's ICT industry is of vital importance in global supply chain. Unlike to South Korea, Taiwan has a diverse and interconnected network of supply chain partners involving thousands of companies. Minister Wang emphasized that the global corporate discussions have shifted from technology to carbon reduction and Taiwan is recognized for its firm commitment to carbon reduction.
The government's successful carbon reduction initiatives have included  developing white papers in collaboration with industry associations, boosting the post-pandemic industry and upgrading small and medium-sized businesses. More than 2,000 SMEs have been guided in smart, low-carbon transformations and 750 more supply chain businesses have been assisted in government-backed equipment upgrades. These initiatives have resulted in over NT$1.1 billion in domestic procurement and an anticipated 340,000 tons carbon reduction by 2023. 14,000 experts have received the training program for accelerating Taiwan's industry transformation.
The business community have familiarized with government policy tools and resources. The domestic and international industry partners have presented the insights and experiences of the latest global trends. The goal is to motivate more participants in supply chain ecosystem to pursue transformation and upgrading and paving the way for a sustainable, low-carbon future.
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