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2023-12-01 15:14
Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Mobile-heroes Global Connection: Innovative Applications from Multiple Countries Showcasing

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2023 Mobileheroes' organizers, distinguished guests, and the finalists group photo
Imagine a situation where factory equipment breaks down, and there's no expert around. What should be done? By using AR glasses with 5G network, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) processing flow can be presented right in front of the eyes. Additionally, remote experts can be consulted, allowing for collaborative problem-solving by viewing the same screen, thus preventing significant losses caused by equipment failure. In hospitals, patients worry about their privacy, especially in situations like falls. To tackle this, hospitals teams use 3D sensing tech to efficiently detect and alert staff about patient falls. The anonymization feature is also in place to keep patient information private.

The Mobile-heroes Competition organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs is renowned as the "Oscars of The Communications Industry." It has now reached its 22nd anniversary. One of the key aspects of the competition is that challenges and themes are raised by sponsoring companies, and winning teams will receive support from these companies after the awards. During the competition, teams can build up ample industry connections. Entries must be practical and propose viable business models, encouraging teams to develop solutions with real market value. On Nov. 8th, all winning teams showcased various innovative smart networking and 5G applications at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, highlighting the success of the communication competition.

This year's competition themes include the Internet of Things (IoT) Challenge, the International Track(Connectivity Innovation Challenge), and the Antenna System Design. There are over 200 teams, with more than 300 participants competing with each other.  The International Track has attracted the participation of 34 countries, including Canada, South Africa, South Korea, India, and Luxembourg. Through the Mobileheroes platform, international teams gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan's ICT ecosystem.

Sponsoring companies for the Mobile-heroes include Chunghwa Telecom, Askey Computer, Compal Electronics, Far EasTone Telecommunications, HwaComSystems, Qualcomm, Taiwan Mobile, Ufi Space, Auden Techno Corp, MediaTek, WNC, AWAN, Inventec, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Nan Ya Plastics, Quanta Computer, BWant, Jebsee, TMYTEK, Makerpro, and TechBang. The companies not only judge but also guide teams during the competition. Winning teams can get support like marketing, job opportunities, and collaboration, making the most of the companies' resources to accelerate AI and 5G networking ecosystem development.

After several months of implementation and optimization, the judging panel selected the winning teams from the three major tracks. The top honors went to the Connectivity Innovation Challenge, where the BANF team from South Korea won the championship with the theme "iSensor Real-time profile for fleets and AVs." In the IoT Challenge, the Shan Zhu Dou Fu team secured the championship with the theme "ToFEye." As for the Antenna System Design, the winning team claimed the championship with the theme "Application of multiple antenna system design for foldable phones."

Deputy Division Director Chung-Ping Tsai from IDA, MOEA, along with representatives from various countries and the telecommunications industry, witnessed the winning teams' success. Tsai emphasized that Mobileheroes keeps up with the times, facilitated the industry in discovering innovations, talents, investments, and project partners. Taiwan, with a robust global supply chain and a significant position in telecommunications, hopes domestic and international teams can exchange ideas and create future collaboration opportunities through the expanding international Mobileheroes.
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