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2024-01-05 11:24
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2023 Nordic-Taiwan Sustainable Energy Forum- the Future Energy, Launching a New Era of Sustainability

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2023 Nordic-Taiwan Sustainable Energy Forum- the Future Energy, Launching a New Era of Sustainability
The Energy Administration, Swedish Trade and Investment Council Taipei Office, Finland Trade Center in Taiwan, and the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, co-hosted the "2023 Nordic-Taiwan Sustainable Energy Forum- the Future Energy" on November 22nd, 2023. The forum consisted of a roundtable meeting in the morning and a public session in the afternoon. Discussions centered around energy transition trends and exploring diverse renewable energy alternatives, including hydrogen, marine, biomass, and their related applications. The forum also provided insights into the approaches and experiences of the Nordic countries in reaching net-zero emissions goals.

Finland, Sweden, and Denmark claimed the top three positions in the United Nations' "2023 Sustainable Development Report." The Nordic countries are global leaders in sustainable development across both government and private sectors. Finland seeks to achieve climate neutrality by 2035, while Sweden and Denmark share a common goal of reaching net zero by 2045. The Nordic countries demonstrate their efforts for and commitments to sustainable development by actively fostering low-carbon transformation, while also establishing sustainable industrial eco-chains.

In 2022, Taiwan officially published "Taiwan's Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050." This year, the goal of "Net Zero by 2050" was officially legislated, and the 12 key strategies for Taiwan's net-zero transition were introduced. In March 2023, the Executive Yuan approved the "Net-zero science and technology program" that focused on establishing the basic technological infrastructures needed to achieve the government's 2030 net-zero policy goals and accelerate the application and development of future emerging technologies.

During the opening remarks, Chuan-Neng Lin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, shared Taiwan's commitment to achieving a cumulative installed capacity of 29 GW of renewable energy by 2025, and emphasized Taiwan's proactive efforts in promoting key technologies in future emerging energy sectors such as hydrogen, marine, and biomass energy. Recognizing the Nordic countries as pioneers in promoting global sustainable development, he pointed out that Taiwan also shares with them the same goal of achieving net-zero emissions, and expressed an intention to continue the exchange of ideas in the field of renewable energy.

Lauri Raunio, the representative of Finland Trade Center in Taiwan, emphasized that Nordic countries are leaders in both the government and private sectors when it comes to sustainable development. Finland, Sweden, and Denmark have all set carbon neutrality goals and are proactively pushing green energy transformation, demonstrating the Nordic countries' efforts for and commitments to sustainable development.

As stated by Peter Sand, the representative of the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, Nordic energy-related companies have consistently contributed to global investments in zero-carbon initiatives. Denmark for example, set a historic high record of investment in Taiwan last year, mainly in offshore wind projects to promote energy transition. He emphasized that Nordic companies will continue to invest in Taiwan and extend their reach into growing industries such as hydrogen, marine, and biomass energy, while introducing innovative technologies and experiences with them.

Anders Wollter, the representative of the Swedish Trade and Investment Council Taipei Office, highlighted the long-term benefits of Nordic collaboration. With each country's diversified energy production methods, close cooperation allows for mutual complementation, bringing more advantages to the public and corporations. By 2030, the Nordics aim to establish the world's most competitive, transparent, and friendly electricity market, reducing carbon emissions from the energy industry by 90%.

During the roundtable meeting in the morning, representatives from the Energy Administration, the Nordic countries and the industries exchanged views on the development of future emerging energy technologies and policies. Through presentations and panel discussions, subject-matter experts from various fields discussed topics such as "Renewable Energy Technologies and Policies for Development," "Future Emerging Energy," and "Hydrogen Economy" in the afternoon forum. The aforesaid discussions encouraged interaction and exchange between Nordic and Taiwanese businesses, providing insights into different countries' emerging energy policy objectives and ambitions.

Under the topic of "Future Emerging Energy," Finnish companies AW-Energy and Holvi delivered information on wave energy technological progress and applications in Finland. Minesto, a Swedish company, shared key technologies and advancements in the development of tidal energy suitable for low flow speeds.

Finnish BMH Technology introduced waste-to-solid recovered fuel (SRF) processing equipment. Danish company COWI presented ongoing cases of green hydrogen and power-to-X conversion under the topic of "Hydrogen Economy," while Danish company Orsted shared how power-to-X technology accelerates carbon reduction. The Swedish company Alfa Laval showed how its heat exchange solutions play a key part in the hydrogen supply chain, while the Finnish company Aurelia Turbines presented their turbine technology that is compatible with mixed hydrogen and various fuels.

The Nordic-Taiwan Sustainable Energy Forum serves as an important platform of technical and knowledge exchange between Taiwan and the Nordic countries, with the goals of inspiring both sides' industries and promoting further cooperation in the field of sustainable energy.

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