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2024-01-10 09:22
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

Taisugar Antigua Coffee Launched with Love, Aiding Smallholder Famers from Friendly Nations and Giving Back to Rural Communities Through Educational Assistance

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Taisugar Antigua Coffee Launched with Love
Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) hosted the "Highlands Smallholder Farms Coffee-Guatemala Antigua New Product Launch Press Conference" at 11 a.m. today (Dec 10) at the Taisugar Hotel Taipei. Presided by Taisugar Chairman Ming-Jou Yang, the event witnessed enthusiastic attendance from esteemed guests including Ambassador Oscar Padilla Lam of Guatemala, Deputy Minister Wen-sheng Tseng of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Vice Minister Remus Li-Kuo Chen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with all highly praising the high quality of coffee from Antigua. In the future, Taisugar will procure coffee beans from smallholder coffee farmers in the Antigua region of Guatemala, simultaneously contributing a portion of the proceeds to build schools in remote areas through non-profit organizations. This initiative aims to not only spread the aroma of coffee but also extend love across borders, uniting diverse efforts to build a bright future for farmers and their children in friendly nations.

As the host of today's event, Chairman Yang welcomed the distinguished guests during his address and noted that the Taiwanese government values its friendships with Central American allies. With government assistance, Taisugar has been importing coffee beans from Central and South America for sale in Taiwan since 2017, accumulating sales of approximately 310 metric tons by the end of 2023. The "Highlands Smallholder Farms Coffee-Guatemala Antigua," launched at the end of last December, hails from the Antigua region of Guatemala. Upholding the mission of "affordable excellence, aromatic philanthropy," this initiative allows Taiwanese consumers not only to savor the premium coffee from Taiwan's diplomatic ally but also contributes to the welfare of local farmers and their children. It conveys the values and philosophy of "a cup of coffee, a blessing, and a hope," providing tangible assistance to Guatemala's economic and educational development.

Deputy Minister Wen-sheng Tseng of the MOEA emphasized that Guatemala has long been a friend of Taiwan. As a state-owned enterprise, Taisugar not only supports local smallholder farmers through coffee bean procurement but also contributes a portion of the revenue to local education, showcasing Taiwan's best expression of friendship. Taisugar's Antigua Coffee is also available on the Taiwan High-speed Rail from the 1st to the 7th of each month. This allows people to not only enjoy high-quality coffee but also convey Taiwan's care, demonstrating the strong friendship between the two countries.

According to Taisugar, Guatemala boasts of fertile volcanic ash soil, with coffee farms situated at high altitudes ranging from 1,300 to 2,000 meters above sea level. The pristine and pollution-free environment, complemented by suitable climatic conditions at these elevations, creates an ideal setting for cultivating coffee trees. Guatemala has eight major coffee growing regions, and Taisugar specifically selects renowned and authentic Central and South American-flavored Antigua Coffee beans. Imported to Taiwan and roasted to perfection, these beans create premium coffee tailored to the local taste, exuding rich, sweet and creamy, nutty aromas. The flavor test results have received high praise, and it is expected to be well-received in the consumer market.

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