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2024-02-02 10:45
Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Subsidy programs for energy-efficiency home appliances to commence in 2024

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Subsidy programs for energy-efficiency home appliances to commence in 2024
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced that subsidy programs for replacing outdated home appliances and buying new green appliances will be extended for another year. Moreover, a new subsidy program for gas burning appliances has commenced on January 1, 2024, which aims to encourage purchase of energy-efficient gas burning water heaters and stoves that meet Level 1 or 2 of Energy Efficiency Grading Labeling (EEL) standards.

Gas burning appliance subsidy is available from January 1 to April 30, 2024, and is expected to subsidize nearly 230,000 appliances. The amount of subsidy ranges from NT$1,000 to NT$3,000 depending on the type of gas burning appliance and its EEL standard Level: Level-1 stoves with two or more burners and natural ventilating water heaters are each eligible for a subsidy of NT$2,000; Level-2 appliances of the aforementioned types are each eligible for a subsidy of NT$1,000. Level-1 forced ventilating water heaters can each receive a subsidy of NT$3,000, whereas Level-2 heaters can each receive NT$2,000. Every household is eligible for subsidies for one water heater and one stove according to the Energy Administration.

Applicants are required to prepare supplementary documents, including an application form, ID, a bankbook, an electricity bill showing the address where the appliance will be installed, and a purchase receipt with complete product model number. These documents can be either submitted online (https://save3000.moeaea.gov.tw) or mailed to designate P.O. box (P.O.BOX 68-123 Banqiao Minzu Road, New Taipei City 220908) via registered mail. Should applicants have any question, please visit the official website for more information or contact customer service at 02-29559666.

In addition to gas burning appliances, the Green Appliance Subsidy Program is also being extended, to accelerate the replacement of old, energy-consuming air conditioners and refrigerators, which is estimated to subsidize 640,000 appliances this year. The Energy Administration reminds that consumers interested in this program must purchase air conditioners and refrigerators meeting Level 1 of EEL standards and get a proof of complete recycling from the Ministry of the Environment. Applicants can also apply for the subsidy online via the official website (https://save3000.moeaea.gov.tw) or by post (P.O.BOX 8-17 Banqiao Minzu Road, New Taipei City 220908).

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