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2024-04-02 14:31
Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

MIT Green Products: Good for the Environment, Good for Life

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MIT Green Products: Good for the Environment, Good for Life
Energy conservation and carbon reduction are currently the most important issues for all sectors of society. Domestic manufacturers are actively introducing green design consciences and production supply chains to develop green and environmentally friendly products. In compliance with trendy environmental protection and love for the earth, the public has also made adjustments to their carbon-reducing lifestyles, and together with all stakeholders, they are moving towards the goal of carbon net zero. Through the concept of MIT local production, all products and services in our daily lives, including raw materials, production processes, packaging materials, recycling and reuse, etc., are related to carbon emissions throughout their life cycle. By purchasing locally produced and manufactured products, we can reduce transportation energy consumption and carbon emissions, and revitalize the local economy. This is not only the way to sustainable environmental development, but also related to the green competitiveness of Taiwan's industry.

In order to facilitate consumers' identification of high-quality MIT products, the Industrial Development Administration has been promoting the " Taiwan-Made MIT Smile Product Certification System " since 2010. Products that meet the requirements of origin certification and quality inspection will be awarded the MIT Smile Logo. So far, more than 3,023 companies and 262,007 products have been certified. At the same time, 24 domestic chain stores with 6,929 stores, 24 domestic e-commerce platforms and 5 cross-border e-commerce platforms have been allied to become MIT Smile cooperating stores to jointly promote and sell MIT certified products.

In response to the public's demand for green consumption, the " Taiwan-Made MIT Smile Product Certification System" cooperated with the Ministry of Environment's " Green Mark " in 2022. At present, a total of 73 environmentally friendly product specifications have been adopted. At the same time, MIT Smile products also participate in the environmental point collection activities, encouraging the public to give priority to environmentally friendly products, and promoting companies to develop more green products, in order to achieve the sustainable goal of balancing environmental protection and industrial development.

Taiwanese manufacturers have made outstanding achievements by investing in innovation and turning waste into treasure. For example, there are nearly 120,000 tons of waste oyster shells in Taiwan every year. In the past, they were piled up randomly without proper treatment, causing a heavy burden on the environment. MIT company "Lurng Furng Development Ltd." cooperated with " Formosa Plastics Group" to calcine oyster shells at high temperature and combine them with EVA raw materials to give the shoe materials anti-bacterial and anti-mildew properties, and process them into "Oyster Speed Y Sandals", which not only solves environmental problems, but also a top-level running shoe that is well-known by runners. MIT company "Walkplus" also uses waste oyster shells and recycled plastic bottles to extract yarn through nanotechnology to make seawool socks with a touch similar to wool. It has the advantages of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as eliminating odor and anti-static electricity.

On the other hand, in Tainan, where water chestnuts are abundant, the waste water chestnut shells left behind after people eat them have always been a issue for farmers. MIT textile company "FanC Recycling International Ltd." combines the strength of industry, government and academia to use energy-saving and high-efficiency patented carbonization processes to wasted water chestnut shells are upgraded to water chestnut shell charcoal that meets international standards and can be used in home air and water purification and planting. MIT company " LIN'S Ceramics Studio " recycles waste pottery and mixes natural rock ores to bake it into Aurli clay cups. In addition to creating resource recycling benefits, consumers no longer need to use disposable cups when buying drinks outside, which reduces the amount of garbage thrown away.

Sustainable development is a global common concept. Advanced countries and companies have set goals related to carbon reduction and promoted active green transformation policies. The " Taiwan-Made MIT Smile Product Certification System " promoted by the Industrial Development Administration flaunts the meaning of MIT local manufacturing and also represents the concept of reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions. Some MIT Smile products have also been certified the "Green Mark" from the Ministry of Environment. Therefore, consumers can achieve an energy-saving and carbon-reducing life by giving priority to MIT environmentally friendly products in their daily lives. This is the simplest way to protect the earth and support the local economy. The IDB expected that everyone will work together through green consumption to actively support MIT companies and create a sustainable future for the environment and industrial development.
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