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2024-05-06 18:10
Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Official Announcement of the 2024 Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) Rates for Renewable Energy

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Official Announcement of the 2024 Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) Rates for Renewable Energy
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has completed review of the "R.O.C. 2024 Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) and Calculation Formulas." While solar PV rates have experienced a minor reduction compared to 2023, rates for other renewable energy resources have either remained the same or increased slightly. To encourage the installation of solar PV on rooftops of micro, small and medium sized households such as civil power plants and congregate housing, the device capacity range has been divided into 4 distinct FIT rates applicable to rooftop solar PV installations below 100kW.

The key points of the officially announced 2024 Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) Rates for Renewable Energy (see details in attachment) are as follows:
1. Solar PV: FIT rates are structured in two phases annually, with tiered rates based on category and capacity.  Phase one rates range between NT$ 3.7635 ~5.7848 per kWh, and phase two rates are between NT$ 3.7236 ~ 5.7055 per kWh.

2. Wind Power: The FIT rate shall be maintained at the 2023 level. Onshore wind farms with capacities under 30kW are set at NT$ 7.4110 per kWh, the capacities of 30kW and above at NT$ 2.1286 per kWh, and the offshore wind farms at NT$ 4.5085 per kWh.

3. Biomass Energy: Anaerobic digestion facilities see a slightly increased to NT$ 7.0192 per kWh.  Non-anaerobic digestion facilities and the agricultural and foster plant category will remain at their 2023 rate of NT$ 2.8066 per kWh and NT$ 3.1187 per kWh respectively.

4. Waste to Energy: The FIT rates for agricultural and general and general industrial wastes will remain unchanged from 2023, at NT$ 5.1407 per kWh and NT$ 3.9482 per kWh respectively.

5. Small Hydropower: The FIT rate shall be maintained at the 2023 level. The rate for capacities under 500kW at NT$ 4.8936 per kWh; for capacities above 500kW but under 2MW at NT$ 4.2285 per kWh; and capacities above 2MW at NT$ 2.8599 per kWh.

6. Geothermal Power: Facilities with capacities under 2MW have a slightly increased rate of NT$ 5.9459 per kWh; while capacities over 2MW remain at the 2023 rate of NT$ 5.1956 per kWh.

7. Marine Energy: The FIT rate will remain the same as 2023 at NT$7.3200 per kWh.

To promote the recycling of domestic waste and quality standards compliance of solid recovered fuel sources, in order to effectively reduce pollutions and enhance efficiency of waste to energy conversion, the review committee has considered input from all sectors regarding solid recovered fuel (SRF) power generation, and determined that the FIT rate of waste to energy will remain unchanged from the previous announcement. In the future, the committee will continue in gathering opinions from all sectors and collaborate with the Ministry of Environment to reinforce its management mechanisms, boosting the resource conversion of waste and energy independence.

As for the FIT rate of floating offshore wind power, the review committee has held discussions. The Energy Administration hosted the "Floating Offshore Wind Power Demonstration and Planning Seminar" on January 26 to gather and deliberate opinions from all sectors, which were referenced for the planning of a comprehensive demonstration that will be made public as soon as possible.

In conclusion, MOEA has affirmed that the review committee has finalized the review of the 2024 renewable energy FIT rates following a fair, transparent, and rigorous procedure in full compliance with the law. Taking into account the domestic development environment and promotion targets, as well as the development trends of renewable energy technologies, the MOEA has established reasonable FIT rates that suit our nation's development environment, and shall continue to address FIT related issues with prudence in order to ensure a sound foundation for the development of domestic renewable energy industries.

Spokesperson for Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-General, Chun-Li Lee
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Business Contact (wind power, marine energy): Director, Chung-Hsien Chen
Phone: 02-2775-7770
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Email: ctchen2@moeaea.gov.tw

Business Contact (other renewable energy): Director, Wen-Hsin Lin
Phone: 02-2775-7716
Mobile: 0912-578-534
Email: whlin@moeaea.gov.tw
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