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2024-05-07 14:53
Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

BSMI and Consumers' Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of Polyvinyl Chloride Floorcoverings

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BSMI and Consumers' Foundation Jointly Released Test Results of  Polyvinyl Chloride Floorcoverings
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in partnership with the Consumer's Foundation, has announced results of Polyvinyl Chloride Floorcoverings randomly purchased from the market to check their compliance with relevant requirements. This initiative was prompted by concerns over chemical hazards that infants and young children may encounter through hand and mouth contact with these products. 10 products were purchased from the marketplace to check the plasticizer content and labeling compliance. Results confirmed that all tested floorcoverings met the plasticizer content standards set by the Commodity Inspection Act. However, findings revealed labeling deficiencies in several products, including 1 item lacking the required Commodity Inspection Mark and 3 items failing to meet the requirements for Chinese labeling.

The BSMI advises consumers to ensure that any PVC floorcoverings they purchase bear the proper Commodity Inspection Mark. Additionally, consumers should verify that all relevant information is clearly indicated on the product's outer packaging in Chinese. This includes the manufacturer's name and address, product size and thickness, manufacturing date, intended place of use, type symbol, content of recycled materials (if applicable), and the flame retardant label (if compliant with flame retardant standards). Consumers are also urged to thoroughly read and follow all instructions, warnings, and usage precautions. For environments such as child care facilities, it is recommended to avoid PVC floorcoverings made from recycled materials. Manufacturers using recycled materials must clearly state the percentage of such materials in Chinese on the product, enabling consumers to make informed decisions suitable for their specific needs.

The BSMI reminds that plasticizer is an environmental hormone and a chemical substance that interferes with the endocrine secretion of organisms. It can increase the risk of immune system damage, thyroid tumors, learning disabilities, and inattention in children with hyperactivity and young children. If the surface is damaged during use, the inner layer is exposed, or the situation is different from usual use (such as the presence of oily substances), the floorcoverings should be replaced immediately to protect children's safety.

BSMI has confirmed that all tested PVC floorcoverings met the plasticizer content standards required by the Commodity Inspection Act. However, 3 products initially failed to comply with the requirements for the Commodity Inspection Mark and/or Chinese labeling. Pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 59 of the Commodity Inspection Act, the responsible business operators were instructed to rectify these discrepancies within a designated timeframe. BSMI reports that all corrections have been successfully made.

The BSMI indicated that PVC floorcoverings are subject to mandatory inspection and are not allowed to be released into domestic market before completion of the inspection procedures. The BSMI implements an annual market surveillance program to continuously monitor the safety of products on the market. Should any non-compliant products be discovered, the BSMI will investigate, prepare interview reports, and take appropriate actions under the Commodity Inspection Act.

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