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2024-05-28 11:49
Bureau of Industrial Parks, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Chiayi Science Park pioneered with Ma-Chou-Hou's backing. Investment Promotion Symposium unveils new opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

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Group Photo of Attendees and Guests at the Ma-Chou-Hou Investment Promotion Symposium
Recently, flagship semiconductor companies have decided to establish their operations in the Chiayi Science Park. To ensure that upstream, midstream, and downstream companies could provide support locally and form a complete industrial cluster, the Bureau of Industrial Parks (BIP) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Chiayi County Government, and Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) jointly organized an investment promotion symposium for the Ma-Chou-Hou Industrial Park. The event was held on April 18 at Wen-Yuan Hall on the first floor of the Evergreen Palace Hotel in Chiayi County.
The Bureau of Industrial Parks stated that, in response to the flagship semiconductor companies setting in Chiayi Science Park, the Ma-Chou-Hou Phase 2 Industrial Park, developed by the Chiayi County Government, will play a crucial role as a base for supporting midstream and downstream suppliers in the industrial chain. To facilitate the provision of space for related industries to station in, the central and local governments, along with TSC, are working closely together to conduct joint investment promotion, aiming to create a comprehensive industrial ecosystem in the future.
The total development area of the Ma-Chou-Hou Phase 2 Industrial Park is approximately 343.8 hectares. TSC and the Chiayi County Government are collaborating to develop and allocate about 45 hectares of this area, attracting industries such as electronic component manufacturing, computer, electronic product, and optical product manufacturing, as well as chemical product manufacturing.
The industrial land being promoted for investment this time, developed in collaboration between Taiwan Sugar Corporation and the Chiayi County Government, is currently available only for lease, not for sale, which will effectively reduce initial investment costs for enterprises. Companies interested in setting in Ma-Chou-Hou Industrial Park can follow the procedures announced by Taiwan Sugar Corporation after this symposium to sign related lease agreements and quickly establish factories in line with the flagship companies' timelines. Thereby, promoting industrial development and injecting significant momentum into the local economy's transformation and upgrading.

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