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2024-06-02 10:55
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

Taisuco Phalaenopsis is very popular, Ranks No.1 in the Taipei Flower Auction again

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Taisuco Phalaenopsis is very popular.Ranks No.1 in the Taipei Flower Auction again
The Taisuco Phalaenopsis is beautiful and high in quality, and is very popular in the domestic and international flower markets. In 2023, Taisuco has once again been ranked No. 1 excellent supplier in Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd, which demonstrates Taisuco's outstanding performance in growing orchids. According to Taisuco, Phalaenopsis has a long flowering period and are easy to take care of, so it is suitable for gift-giving and for personal use, so we sincerely recommend everyone to purchase Taisuco Phalaenopsis.

On May 24th, Mei-Huei Huang, the Director of the Puli Orchid Farm of the Agriculture Business Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC), received the "2023 Potted Flower Outstanding Supplier of the Year" award from the Taipei Flowers Auction Co., Ltd. TSC pointed out that Taisuco ranked 4th place in 2019; since then, the performance has been improving year by year. By 2022, Taisuco has become champion for the first time and this is the second consecutive year that Taisuco has won this honor. The business grew by 106% as compared to the previous year, which shows that Taisuco Phalaenopsis is very popular in the market.

TSC explains that Puli Orchid Farm mainly supplies Taisuco Phalaenopsis to the Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd. Puli Orchid Farm was established in 1978 and is the earliest orchid farm in Taiwan to specialize in growing phalaenopsis. Because Puli Orchid Farm is located at an altitude of about 640 meters above sea level, the temperature varies a lot between day and night, so it has an excellent geographic environment suitable for planting flowers. In addition, with TSC's excellent variety selection techniques and greenhouse cultivation management, the color of the orchids that bloom in the orchid farm is especially bright and vivid, and charming.

According to TSC, Taisuco Phalaenopsis is attractive and easy to take care of and its blooming period can last up to several months, which makes it suitable for both home decoration and gift-giving.TSC has a total of five orchid exhibition and sales locations throughout Taiwan. People who wish to enjoy the beautiful Phalaenopsis cultivated at the Puli Orchid Farm can order them directly from the Puli Orchid Farm or purchase them from the TSC Flower Garden located in the Beitou District in Taipei City. For those living in central and southern Taiwan, they can visit the Tainan Wushulin showroom or the showroom on Shengchan Road in the Eastern District. TSC also has an orchid farm in Taitung where the public is welcome to purchase Taisuco Phalaenopsis.

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