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2024-06-04 13:10
Taiwan Sugar Corporation

Innovation and Sustainability, Taisugar was honored with awards from all over the world

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Innovation and Sustainability,Taisugar was honored with awards from all over the world
Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) is committed to innovation and sustainability through its strong R&D capabilities. In the past year, Taisugar has received more than 17 awards and recognitions. In addition to its ESG performance, which has been recognized for years, Taisugar has also been honored for its innovative enzyme technology, high-efficiency net-zero building design, and well-developed food products. These awards have been given to Taisugar both domestically and internationally. Taiwan Sugar will continue to improve and make contributions to Taiwan.

Two years ago, Taiwan Sugar Research Institute (TSRI) invested in a biotech start-up company with its own excellent enzyme technology to develop OGG1, a human DNA repair enzyme, which has won the Science and Technology Management Award and the Innovation Award at the Taiwan Innotech Expo. In March, Taiwan Sugar Research Institute was honored for the first time as the winner of the "Agribusiness Science & Technology Innovation Award" with three innovative technologies, namely "Complex Xylanase", "Microbial Feather Hydrolyzed Technology", and "Phytase", which demonstrates Taiwan Sugar's outstanding research and development capabilities..

Taisugar also puts a lot of effort into realizing environmental sustainability in the construction sector. Taisugar Chongxian Circular Housing project, which won a bronze medal in the Ministry of the Interior's first "Net Zero Building Design Award", is the best example of Taisugar's net-zero energy-saving efforts. The building uses grilles, perforated plates, special shading, French windows, as well as increasing the ventilation area for windows, to reduce energy consumption in a passive way; at the same time, the building also uses smart technological equipment to actively monitor and manage energy use, thus achieving carbon reduction and energy conservation goals.

In addition, Taisugar is committed to providing quality and tasty daily food to local people. After winning the Food and Health Award from Japan, Taisugar received the Superior Taste Award presented by the International Taste Institute (ITI) in Belgium, which is known as the "Michelin" of the food industry, for its four best-selling products, including Taiwan golden sugar, mackerel in tomato sauce, roasted eel with black garlic and black sesame mixed instant cereal. All four products were awarded star ratings and are widely recognized by food experts around the globe.

In the future, Taisugar will continue to fulfill its sustainable management policy by taking care of people's needs, providing quality products and services, and leading industrial innovation and cooperation to build a prosperous and healthy Taiwan.

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