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Digital Tex wins Silver at the 2022 Edison Awards

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Excellent performance with moisture one-way transport, moisture-regulated, and quick-drying capabilities.
Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) develops functional ink with specialized digital printing technology with the trademark named Digital Tex. The functional ink can be printed partially or single-sided on fabric through digital printing technology, so the fabric can have both water repellent and wicking effects to deliver excellent moisture-guiding capability.

Moreover, the functional ink has moisture management capability of hydrophilic and hydrophobic, so it can create the reversible 3D one-way moisture transport structure. When wearing clothes printed with this ink for exercise and sweating, clothes with functional ink will have a 3D effect, which can expedite the dissipation of sweat and achieve quick drying. According to testing results, the functional ink can reduce at least 45% stickiness rate of skin-like surfaces and increase drying speed by over 30%, compared to a typical polyester fabric. In contrast, when the body stops sweating, fabric with functional ink will revert to flat from a 3D structure, keeping the body heat.

Because the digital printing technology is highly automatic, it could provide a quick response to the customer demands by simply changing the computer program settings. With the drop-on-demand technology, taking small-amount or multi-styled customized orders is possible.

Compared to traditional functional garment finishing, functional ink can reduce the consumption of chemicals by 30%, energy by 85%, water by 80%, and carbon emissions by 60%. Moreover, it is possible to apply Digital Tex functional ink on mono-material fabric, making fabrics easier to be recycled and reused.

Lastly, TTRI has collaborated with chemical company Hailsun Chemical, garment manufacturer Sabrina, garment brand 2124.fit, and equipment company Anderson Industrial Corp of Taiwan to continue developing different commercializing products and possibilities.

Update: 2022-08-03