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The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Largan Precision Co. jointly establish Largan Energy Material Corporation.

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ITRI and Largan Precision Co. jointly establish Largan Energy Material Corporation.
Largan Precision Co. has invested NT$450 million in a partnership with a government-funded research institution to advance the commercialization of titanium niobate (TNO), a domestically developed material crucial for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries. Forming "Largan Energy Material," the joint venture, mainly led by Largan Precision Co. and ITRI, aims to capture a segment of the lithium-ion battery market projected to be valued at US$450 billion by 2030. At the press event held to mark the joint venture's inauguration, Chairman Chen Jin-ming highlighted TNO's capabilities, enabling batteries to charge six times faster than those using traditional graphite electrodes, while also extending their lifespan to approximately 20 years. Potential applications include electric buses, energy storage systems, and hybrid cars, garnering interest from both domestic and international clients. Initial pilot production of TNO is slated to commence this year, with an initial output of approximately 24 tons, with plans to ramp up annual production to 600 tons by 2026. This venture exemplifies the Ministry of Economic Affairs' efforts to foster collaboration between research institutions, markets, and investors, as stated by ITRI Vice President Chang Pei-zen.

Update: 2024-04-16