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Organization of DoIT


Technology Program Administration Section (TAS)
(+886)-2-2321-2200 ext.8139

● Coordinate the management, systematic evaluation and review of the TDPs.
● Manage the performance evaluation, affairs of various foundations, and the innovation centers under the department.


Technology Policy Section (TPS)
(+886)-2-2321-2200 ext.8162

● Allocate budgets and resources to the TDPs; draft legal regulations for technology development and industrial applications.
● Formulate industrial technology policies, promote international R&D collaboration to enhance innovation, and publicize TDP achievements.


Electronics and ICT Section (EIS)
(+886)-2-2394-6000 ext.2599

● Optimize the wireless communication technology R&D and application environment; accelerate the integration of software and hardware, and enhance domestic R&D capacity and industrial development.
● Develop semiconductor and display technologies to diversify innovation in the smart technology field in Taiwan.


Machinery and Transportation Section (MTS)
(+886)-2-2321-2200 ext.8179

● Develop smart transportation and electric vehicle technologies and promote innovative applications for the local adoption of unmanned vehicles.
● Promote smart machinery; create cloud market and service modules; improve the autonomy of key components; develop advanced, recycled metals and build process technologies to enhance industrial competitiveness and international integration.


Biomedical and Materials Section (BMS)
(+886)-2-2321-2200 ext.8190

● Combine biomedical technologies with ICT to develop precision medicine, regenerative medicine, advanced medical devices and food-related bioresources.
● Implement new green materials, recycling and textile technologies to drive the development of industry toward a circular economy.


Innovation and Startups Section (ISS)
(+886)-2-2394-6000 ext.2569

● Facilitate industry-academia research collaboration; focus on high-value and highly competitive innovative R&D technologies, and cultivate teams with value creation potential.
●Promote ecosystems that commercialize TDP results and accelerate the spin-off of startups; develop international innovation and entrepreneurial networks, and proactively pursue global partners for market validation.
● Foster the TDPs for Industry and Academia.

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