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R&D Organization TDP

The R&D Organization TDP is jointly carried out by 21 research institutes, including the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Institute for Information Industry, the Development Center for Biotechnology, and the Metal Industries Research & Development Center. Its aim is to develop key, cutting-edge industrial technologies and to improve research environments and basic infrastructures. The R&D Organization TDP emphasizes the research and development of technologies and the integration of the five major fields, promotes an innovative management style, and outsources its technology applications to help breed creativity and create stability in our domestic industries.


Smart Technology

The program has dug deeper into the smart technology, constructed a wireless broadband communications environment dedicated to next-generation communications technologies, and created a brand-new digital convergence industry. Many startups have sprung up in turn, helping Taiwan become an exporter of new-generation communications devices and innovative applied services. This has further motivated industries to upgrade to knowledge-intensive business service providers, which claims a higher added value.

  • 。Key smart electronics technologies
  • 。Applied IoT technologies
  • 。Applied digital convergence service technologies
  • 。Applied next-generation telecommunications and service technologies
  • 。Advanced display and lighting systems and technologies
  • 。Innovative incubation industries and business transformation


Green Energy Technology

The program pursues technologies to develop clean energies, such as solar lighting and smart electric cars, deploys related talents, and distributes funds. We also actively explore key energy-saving materials, technologies, equipment, product applications, and verification technologies. Through the abovementioned efforts, we will be able to improve Taiwan’s competitiveness and achieve the goal of becoming a major supplier of green energy technologies and systems.

  • 。Intelligent driving assistance systems and energy-saving electrified vehicle technologies
  • 。Long-life high-energy cell power technology
  • 。CIGS solar cell technology
  • 。Ship and equipment technology for offshore wind farm development, construction, and maintenance
  • 。High efficiency LED lighting technology
  • 。Green manufacturing equipment and technology
  • 。Anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AEMFC) technology


Smart Manufacturing Technology

The program creates an industry chain in which the up-stream material suppliers serve as the engine to power down-stream manufacturing. Automation and services are also emphasized in this chain. By developing common, basic industrial technologies, integrating innovative services, and advancing intelligent systems, equipment, and development strategies for manufacturing key components, we aim to make manufacturing and service the two main driving forces of the industry.

  • 。Fundamental industrial development technology
  • 。Manufacturing technology for industrial-use high-value metallic materials
  • 。Laser systems and application technology
  • 。CNC controller technology
  • 。Innovative and value-adding technology for traditional industries
  • 。Advanced manufacturing technology


Well-being Innovation

The program aims to help upgrade Taiwan’s medical, biotechnology, and consumer goods industry; and develop new drugs, medical equipment, health foods, and textiles that cater to public health and quality of life needs. We also use ICT technologies to develop innovative smart medical devices and axillaries, and at the same time advance biotechnology to develop better drugs and improve food safety inspection, in order to increase the competitiveness of Taiwan’s medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

  • 。Innovative and smart medical technology
  • 。New drugs with a high-profit margin
  • 。Biotechnology-derived protein drugs
  • 。Foods and bio-resourcesy
  • 。Innovative industrial material technologies
  • 。Specialty chemical technologies for the consumer goods industry
  • 。Textile technology


Service Innovation

The program has created Living Labs as environments for information service providers to develop better system solutions and consulting capabilities, and to further attract providers to invest in its R&D efforts. By copying and promoting successful business service operation models and appealing to those who have potential to join international platforms to establish new service enterprises, Taiwan has been able to become a role model for the Asia-Pacific innovative technology applications sector and futuristic technology services value chain.

  • 。Big data technologies and applications
  • 。ICT enabled services and innovations
  • 。Dechnology (Design + Technology)
  • 。Cloud development testing platform technology & service
  • 。Operation and demonstration of Living Labs



The R&D Organization TDP aims at advancing the depth of industrial technology and enhancing technology R&D capability. The implementation of the R&D Organization TDP has resulted in producing cutting-edge technologies and valuable patent output. Through diffusion and value added applications, the TDPs have induced enterprises to make additional investments in R&D and create economic impact.


  • * Patent Output statistics


    Patents Output of Research Institute TDPs, 2010-2015


  • * Total revenue from technology and patent transfers


    Revenues from Technology and Patent Transfers


  • * Business investment induced by the R&D Organization TDP


    Private-sector Investments Stimulated by Organization TDP


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