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Academia TDP

The program aims to enhance collaborations between universities, businesses, and research facilities in the development of innovative products and technology services so that R&D results in universities can be realized in mass production and supports can be offered to the industry for developing new products and turning R&D results into new businesses, thereby creating more values for the industry and benefits for the society.


Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia

Depending on the stage of technology development, the projects funded under this program are grouped into two categories, general projects (bottom-up) and flagship projects (top-down). The projects are jointly implemented by businesses, universities, and research institutes to pool their resources. Together, they commercialize a technology, develop a technology into an enterprise (general projects), or help an industry close a technology gap (flagship projects).


Achievements of Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia.



The Program provides subsidies to universities to encourage technology commercialization and business creation. DoIT promotes the “Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia” and the “Technology Development Program for Academia” to encourage universities to leverage their basic research capabilities and facilities to develop advanced and innovative industrial technologies, produce key intellectual property and create start-up companies or spin-in business units.

* Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia


Achievements of Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia.


* The Technology Development Program for Academia


This program was launched in 2001 and in the past 16 years it has produced fruitful results. As of August 19th 2016, the outputs include 4,299 patent applications, 2,901patents granted, 299 international collaboration projects (NTD130 million), 568 contract research projects (about NTD500 million), 1,380 technology transfers (about NTD1197 million), 2,552 transferrable industrial technologies, 1,086 contrach research (about NTD 1,050 million) and NTD 11.2 billion investment from enterprises.


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