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R&D Service Teams

Major Research Institutes Partners of DoIT


Major Research Institutes Partners of DoIT



Government Sponsored Research Institutes participating in the TDPs
DoIT integrates the resources of various research institutes in Taiwan to jointly promote the TDPs and develop advanced technologies in selected areas.


Research Institute Web Link
Automotive Research & Testing Center www.artc.org.tw
Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan www.cde.org.tw
Commerce Development Research Institute www.cdri.org.tw
Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center www.tbnet.org.tw
Development Center for Biotechnology www.dcb.org.tw
Food Industry Research and Development Institute www.firdi.org.tw
Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute www.bestmotion.com
Industrial Technology Research Institute www.itri.org.tw
Institute for Information Industry www.iii.org.tw
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan www.iner.gov.tw
Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center www.pitdc.org.tw
Metal Industries Research & Development Center www.mirdc.org.tw
National Chung-shan Institute of Science and Technology www.ncsist.org.tw
National Health Research Institutes www.nhri.org.tw
Plastics Industry Development Center www.pidc.org.tw
Precision Machinery Research & Development Center www.pmc.org.tw
Printing Technology Research Institute www.ptri.org.tw
Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center www.soic.org.tw
Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center www.srdc.org.tw
Taiwan Textile Federation www.textiles.org.tw
Taiwan Textile Research Institute www.ttri.org.tw
TDP R&D Funding and Program Offices
The A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program Office and the Academia TDP Office were set up by DoIT to help enterprises and academia to apply for funding. ITIS was set up to provide information about industrial technologies and market analysis.
A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program Office
Phone:(+886)-2-2341-2314#2202, 2211, 2220
Academia TDP Office
Phone:(+886)-2-2394-6000#2805, 2809, 2815
Industry & Technology Intelligence Services (ITIS) Project Office


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